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Monday, August 25, 2014

Finding my Feet

My entire time as a writer I thought the hardest part of being an author was the writing, but having spent the last few weeks in the world of marketing and promotion I can say this; writing is at once the hardest, but also the funnest part of being an author. Everything else is an exercise in psychological endurance, and you'll gain little fun from it if you aren't prepared.

When I published my first piece of work I hit the Tweets hard, spread myself all over Facebook and ran myself ragged hitting the Refresh button on the KDP Reports page to see if I'd made more sales. Sales came, and they were awesome when they popped up on my screen, but they were minimal. 

It took me a while to realize it but a few days ago I read something that made me calm down with the tweets, ignore the KDP Reports page - checking it only at the end of every day - and leave Facebook alone. You'll read this on many other blogs but it bears repeating, especially since I'm living through it right now. What I learned was the only and best tip to becoming a successful author: write more books.

So I wrote and wrote and wrote and guess what? The world didn't collapse from not checking my Twitter page, the KDP Report didn't show a drop in sales because I wasn't incessantly refreshing it, and people didn't like my Facebook page any less. Why's that? Because no one knows who you are yet and they're not going to miss you if you aren't tweeting.

By all means go on Twitter, set up and share your Facebook Author page among friends and family, but always remember that the best thing you can be doing is writing. When you have a moment, write. When you have three moments, spend all three of them writing. Tweet on occasion. Look for other blogs and read them, comment on them or write your own. Set yourself daily word goals and hit them every day before doing anything else with your time. Organize yourself and your time well.

I haven't written this until I reached my word goal! If you're aspiring to be an author and you haven't written anything/ enough today, stop reading and write! 

If you want to walk with confidence among all of the other amazing authors out there one day you have to find your feet first. It'll take time, the grass is prickly, but you'll get used to the path soon enough. You just have to take it one step at a time, and the first one is the most obvious; don't stop writing

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