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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prowling Toward Your Target

A daily 2,000 word goal is almost a necessity for a brand new Author, as I mentioned in my last post, but even if we're only able to manage 1,000 a day (like me!) or 500, there are other victories you can count which are just as good.

If you're a dreamer, like me, sometimes keeping your mind on the same task is... difficult. You need the new, the fresh. Ideas assault your mind constantly and demand to be acknowledged, otherwise your leg will shake, you'll grind your nails to nubs and end up blocked and unable to write.

So if you're having a hectic day where nothing's going right and forcing a moment to write just isn't going to work, do what I did today and listen to the voices in your head. Let's face it, we're writers; our heads are full of voices! But don't just listen to them, interview them. Ask them questions. Give them a few minutes in the spotlight and they may just surprise you with ideas you didn't know were in there.

That's what I did today, and while I'm not 2,000 words closer to finishing Midnight Magick - one of the first Paranormal Romance novels I plan on publishing this year - the little notepad full of plot outlines and a rough road-map for 2014/ 2015 certainly counts as prowling toward my ultimate target. So write your heart out when you can, and when you can't write, dream - but always be working, especially if you're new! Every little step counts.

I'd like to hear back from other writers on this. Are there others like me? How do you cope with bouts of lethargy and hyper-motivation? Do you have daily word goals? Did you think you were biting off more than you could chew when you first started off?

Thanks for reading!


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